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Semi-automatic Cookies Line

Semi-automatic Cookies Line

  • Semi-automatic Cookies Line
  • Semi-automatic Cookies Line
  • Semi-automatic Cookies Line
  • Semi-automatic Cookies Line
Brief Introduction of YX400/YX600 Cookies Production Lines

※ It is semi-automatic and required for less labor cost.

※ Due to the reasonable design, the structure of this production line is compact and land area required is greatly reduced.

※ By changing molds and nozzles of the cookies forming machines, it can produce different shapes of cookies in different size according to marketing situation.

※ The parts of contacting food is made of high quality stainless steel and of which ensures the cleanness and safety of the cookies produced.

※ After the machines successfully commissioned at your project site, we will provide training for your operators to run the machines smoothly.

※ We will provide you the basic formula of the cookies, the further formula for the cookies to be produced shall be learned by you together with us from the experiment.

※ The quality guarantee we supplied for this cookies production line is 2 years so that you will absolutely reduce the repair and maintenance cost.

※ The timing and good after-sales services will be experienced by you in the future.


Technical Parameters








Intermittent extruder, Dough wire cutter.

Output Capacity



Max. Turn Angle












Nozzles Model

7 pcs

10 pcs


Features of YX400/YX600 Cookies Production Lines
※ YX400/YX600 cookies biscuit machine is a kind of shape-forming machine which can produce various kinds of unique snacks and cookies by squeezing dough and taking shape.

※ The cookies machine has characteristics such as modern techniques, compact structure, multifunction, easy operation etc.

※ It is one of the most ideal food machines and welcomed by lots of food manufacturers and investors. With many kinds of molds, this machine can produce dozens of designs of cookies. Customers can make their own choices have unique forms and attractive appearance.

※ The cookies made by this kind of machine can be baked through hot-wind rotary ovens or tunnel ovens.

※ Training will be conducted by our senior technician, and the best technology formula will be also provided. Our cookies biscuit production line can produce all kinds of top-grade cookies in fashion.

※ Hundreds of molds and dozens of technology formulas make it possible to produce all kinds of popular cookies.

※ The most important thing is that the complete cookies production line can be combined freely according to the conditions of customers workshop and requirement of cookies technology and of which all can be reached to the ideal purpose. The line is adopted with imported electric components and its speed can be adjusted by frequency inverter with high accuracy.

※ Diversified cookies, the capacity is 100-280Kg/h.


Process Flow Chart


Main Functions of Component Unit
※ Mixer: To mix the dough as per process requirement and of whose capacity is 100-280Kg/h

※ Cookies Forming Machine: To shape and form the mixed dough into different shapes of cookies

※ Rotary Oven: To bake the shaped and formed cookies under rated temperature and make it well done.

※ Pillow Type Packing Machine: To pack the finished cookies in bags for marketing sales.


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