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Jelly Candy Production Line

Jelly Candy Production Line

  • Jelly Candy Production Line
  • Jelly Candy Production Line
  • Jelly Candy Production Line
  • Jelly Candy Production Line
Features of YX150 YX300 YX450 YX600 Jelly Candy Production Line
※ It is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ candy), such as single/double-color QQ candy.

※ By replacing the molds of the depositing head, it can produce soft/ jelly/gummy/ candy of high quality, various shapes and different colors.

※ It can automatically blend the essence, pigment, acid liquor in accurate quantity ratio.

※ High-degree automation ensures the stable production and saves time, labor force and occupation to serve the purpose of reducing the cost.

※ The electrical parts and pneumatic parts can be customerized. Normally, we adopt western brands such as Siemens, Schreinder, ABB, Airtac and equivalent brands.

※ Due to the reasonable design, the structure of this production line is compact and land area required is greatly reduced.

※ By changing molds and nozzles of the candy forming machines, it can produce different shapes of candies in different size according to marketing situation.

※ The machines fabricated with high quality material and which ensure the stable performance in a long time.The parts of contacting food is made of high quality stainless steel and of which ensures the cleanness and safety of the candies produced.

※ The professional training performed by our experienced engineers for the customers’operators and workers ensures the simple operation and easy maintenance of the machines.After the machines successfully commissioned at customers' project sites, we will provide training for their operators to run the machines smoothly.

※ After successful commissioning of the machines, basic candy formula can be advised by us. The most suitable candy formula shall be concluded by the Buyer with the assistance of the Seller.

※ The timing and good after-sales services will be experienced by our customers in the future. We provide two years performance guarantee and permanent after-sales service for our customers which can absolutely reduce the repair and maintenance cost so that customers can focus on their marketing expansions and promotions.

※ The machines are for your options. You can buy the whole line or some machines from us according to your actual conditions.


Technical Parameters


Process Flow Chart
Jelly Candy Production Line
Main Functions of Each Component Unit                                                                                       

※ Mixing Pot: To mix the required materials together as per proccess requirement.

※ Pump 1: To transfer the mixed materials into electric heating pot.

※ Electric Heating Pot: To heat the transfered mixed material to reach the rated temperature for jelly candy production

※ Pump 2: To transfer the heated material into storage tank for heat preservation

※ Frequency Conversion Pump: To transfer the mixed material from storage tank into depositing machine

※ Operating Table: To operate and control the whole line according to running conditions.

※ Depositing Machine: To deposit the liquid syrup into conveying moulds and take shape of the jelly candy as well as cooling the formed jelly candy to rated temperature for de-molding of the jelly candy.

※ Packing Machines: To pack the finished jelly candy in desired packing styles for market sales.


Jelly Candy Samples

Jelly Candy Molds
Jelly Candy Production Line


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