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Cup Cake Production Line

Cup Cake Production Line

  • Cup Cake Production Line
  • Cup Cake Production Line
  • Cup Cake Production Line
  • Cup Cake Production Line
Cup Cake Production Line

※ he fully-automatic Custard/Cup Cake Production Line is a multifunctional fully-automatic core-filling custard pie production line which is developed based on the original equipment in order to meet various demands of different food products factories.

※ It can produce core-filling custard pies as well as cup cakes, and can also produce cakes of various shapes by using different molds.

Manufacturing Standards

※ All of the parts in contact with material adopt stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304, strong corrosion, heat resistance and easy to clean.

※ The new oven external can use stainless steel according to customer requirements,nice outlook, high temperature resistant and easy to clean. Oven shell using thermal insulation cotton, good heat preservation effect, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.

※ Adopt international advanced PLC automatic control system, production line operation is stable and reliable.

Main Parameters

※ Production Capacity: 10-11 Ton/day

※ Installed Power: 46KW

※ Gas Cost: 20-35Kg/h

※ Pressure of Compressed Air: 0.6MPa

※ Length of Oven: 76m

※ Speed of Rotation: Frequency control

Main Components

※ Stirrer: It is divided into traditional agitator and air agitator;

※ Forming Machine: Double-row forming machine

※ Combustible gas hot-air circulation baking ovens:

※ It adopts the most advanced gas combustion and hot-air circulation heating mode, and has six temperature zones, namely an upper front temperature zone, a lower front temperature zone, an upper middle temperature zone, a lower middle temperature zone, an upper back temperature zone and a lower back temperature zone;

※ After the temperature is set, the control motor is used for automatic control by a disc valve, the heat is up and down transferred to the furnace hearth by the air duct to bake foods;

※ the furnace has the advantages of quick heating, stable temperature, little change, automatic control of temperature, etc.,

※ The produced cakes have the advantages of good taste, softness, more uniform surface color and luster, freshness, tenderness and etc.

※ De-molding Machine: Suction type de-molding machine, the shape of cakes is unchanged.

※ Core-filling Machine: It can automatically fill the whole row of cakes with stuffing; if one cake is sensed not to be on the production line, the filling needle will not work to avoid the damage to the conveyor belt.

※ Empty Disc Cleaning Conveyor: The waste of raw materials and the cleaning procedure is avoided while the production efficiency is greatly improved.

※ Paper Cup Feeding Machine: Automatic paper cup machine is designed for French soft bread production enterprise, according to users with special baking specifications, will automatically paper supporter on a baking sheet, reduce the slots in the enterprise labor intensity and improve health quality.

※ Control System: PLC adopt Siemens or Mitsubishi and touch screen is with human interface design, easy to operate, according to user process require modified optimal operation parameters.

Main Characteristics

※ Full automatic production line collects electricity, light, gas, machine in the development, high degree of automation and high yield.

※ There is an observation window on the baking oven available for watching during operation.

※ Less artificial contact with product, easy to operate.

※ The production line has reasonable artistic design, stable operation, and cleaning device, high efficiency and energy saving.

※ Provide whole factory planning, personnel training and technological formulation.

※ Products have a long shelf life

Main Parameter

※ Model   Capacity  Voltage  gas   Outside Size(mm)  Weight(kg)

※ YX06  6 plates/min  220v  1m³/min  1900*1300*1300    500

※ YX12  12 plates/min 220v  2m³/min  1900*1300*1300    800

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Cup Cake Production Line
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