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Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line

Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line

  • Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line
  • Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line
  • Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line
  • Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line
Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line

※ The machine widely absorbs the essences of domestically and internationally advanced technology.

※ The shelf period of the cakes produced by the machine is over half a year; the cakes are of high-grade and well tasted and of which have a huge number of consumers.

※ Producing pies is the top choice of the food products factories at present.

※ For market occupation, the forerunner will go far.

※ The fully-automatic sandwich custard pie production line uses eggs and flour as main raw materials.

※ The eggs and the flour are mixed to obtain thick paste, the thick paste undergoes the working procedures of charging, baking, cooling, cake turning, filling and etc.

※ To prepare fragrant and tasted sandwich cakes such as custard pies, fashion pies, leisure pies and straw berry pies, which are deeply welcomed by consumers.

Processes Flow
※ Mixing - Forming - Cake Baking - Cake Cooling - Sandwich - sucking - Arranging – UV Sterilization – Packaging

Main Material
※ This production line adopts SUS316L or SUS304 stainless steel,strong corrosion and heat resistance and easy to clean.

※ The oven external can use stainless steel according to customer requirements,nice outlook and easy to clean.

※ Heat preservation cotton adopts the combination of glass fiber and imported rock wool, and  with heat emission, accord with scientific heat preservation.

Main Characteristics
※ The characteristics of this product line are high automatic degree and gather light, electricity, gas, and machine into integral. All the procedures are automatic except adding materials.

※ Baking oven through hot air circulation, can reduce the baking time and temperature,make cake color and luster is stereoscopic effect,more soft taste.

※ There is an observation window on the Baking oven available for watching during operation.

※ Provide whole factory planning, personnel training and technological formulation.

※ Cakes produced by this production line have a long shelf life.

※ Products high gear tasty enjoyed by young and old, there are huge consumer groups.

Basic Technical Parameter
※ Production capacity: 4.5-5t/day, 8.5-9.5t/day

※ Total power: 30kw/h, 45kw/h

※ General length: 54m, 54m (except pack)

※ Gas consumption of bake stove: 15-20kg/h, 25-40kg/h

Main Components
Chocolate Pie Cake Production Line


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